Announcements from 18th February 2018

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  1. Coming Saturday/Sunday Liturgy will be conducted by

 Saturday, 4.30p.m. by St. Francis Xavier ward

                  5.30p.m. by St. Antony Ward

            Sunday,    7.00a.m. by Fatima Ward

             8.15a.m. by I.C.Y.M.

  1. This week on Thursday, we celebrate the feast of Chair of St. Peter, the Apostle.

  1. Coming Friday/Sunday the Way of the Cross will be conducted by

                                  Friday, 5.30p.m. St. Francis Xavier Ward

                                    Sunday, 4.30p.m. Lourdes Ward

  1. Annual Retreat-Tomorrow/Today evening Mass at 5.00p.m. is combined with Retreat.  Tomorrow(Monday) is the last day of Retreat.

  1. Coming Sunday, 25th February we celebrate the Catechism Day.   Morning 8.15a.m. as usual Catechism Class.  During the Class the Progress Card will be given to the Parents in the presence of children.  The parents are requested to meet the Teachers along with their children. At 9.30a.m. Thanksgiving Mass.  All the children should attend the Mass.  The Cultural Programme will begin at 5.00p.m. in the P.U.C. Hall.  All the Parishioners are requested to attend the Programme and encourage the children.

Note: Children should report at 4.30p.m. to the P.U.C.  Hall.

  1. House Blessings:

                        The annual House Blessings will commence from Tuesday,  20th February 2018

                        This week on 20th, 21st February, St. Aloysius Ward, 22nd February, St. Antony Ward

                         Next Week Carmel Ward, Christ the King Ward, St. Francis Xavier ward

                        The Ward Gurkars will intimate to you the day and timing in advance. 

  1. Lenten Campaign 2018 –This year Lenten Sacrifice will be used in aid of “Repair of the Houses of the Poor”.  You are hereby requested to purchase a Lucky dip Coupon Book of Rs.100/- only and support the Lenten Campaign.   The Ward Gurkars/Representatives/Area Leaders will meet you in person with Coupon Book.

  1. Milagres Church is organizing a Pilgrimage to Europe, especially where Mother Mary has appeared as part of the spiritual journey of the year of Rosary.  The Programme includes Italy, Rome, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, etc. The duration of the Tour is 15 days and 16 nights.  Those who wish to join this Pilgrimage Group, kindly register your name by 25th February 2018 in the Parish Office.

  1. St. Aloysius Ward is divided into two. The new ward is named as St. Monica Ward. The list of the ward members is put on the notice board. Election of Gurkar & Ward members will be informed to you at a later date.

  1.  St. Mary’s ward is divided into two. The new ward is named as Holy Rosary Ward. The list of the

                      ward members is put on the notice board.

  • Election for the Post of Gurkar & Ward representatives to St. Mary’s Ward will take place on Sunday 4th March after 7.00 a.m. mass.

  1. Sunday Collection on 11th February is Rs.51,470/-.   Thank you for your generosity