Parish Priest's Message

Dear Parishioners,

Holy Mother the Church invites all her children during this month of November to rejoice, as we celebrate the feast of all Saints & reminds us to pray for the repose of the dear departed members of our family. As we meditate this mystery we have before our mind the triumphant Church namely the saints in heaven, the suffering church, referring to the souls in Purgatory and finally the pilgrim church, which includes all the living in this world.

Feast of all saints helps us to look at heaven & to rejoice, people like us with all limitations, have attained the height of holiness by living their baptismal commitment to the fullest.

The church has canonised some of the Christians as saints, but there are many more, who are known to God alone but unknown to the church. All these Holy men & women are honoured by the church on All Saints Day. These saints are an inspiration to all of us.

The Church also extends her motherly care for the departed members of our family especially for the souls in the purgatory. “nothing impure can enter heaven says the Holy Bible”. Church exhorts us to offer Holy Eucharist & good works to help the souls in purgatory, for their salvation. God is merciful & compassion, but we are called to express our love & support for the dear departed members. Let us not think “out of site is out of mind”. Departed members are a great spiritual help to us in our pilgrim journey  here  on earth.

Intercessory prayers which we have started recently on Wednesday for one hour in the evening is another spiritual exercise which can change the destiny of our life, country and the world. The human being as crown of creation is trying to upset the divine plan of God for mankind. In the world we see clouds of war, fundamentalism, communalism, hatred between casts, religion & region. Our country is heading towards  suppressing the religious minority community under its latest campaign. This is a dangerous move by the rulers of our country. We as minority community while working with majority should raise our arms in prayer to God. This is a prophetic call to all the faithful. Let us awake and approach the power house, who is God himself. Let us hope that he will establish his kingdom of  Peace, Joy & Happiness in the world.