Parish Priest's Message

Dear Parishioners,

We are in the Holy Season of the year namely Christmas. The Birth of Jesus reminds the mystery of God’s love for each one of us. The Christmas and Crib go together. Jesus in the manger draws the humanity and fills each one with love. Let us approach the Crib in faith & discover the Saviour of the world.

The Celebration of Christmas without sharing its joy with poor and abandoned is incomplete. The Church was blessed in the 13th Century with a noble soul who cared for the poor and abandoned, she is none other than St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She was known for her charitable works from her childhood itself. She married to Ludwig of Thuringia who first asked his wife to limit her works of charity. One day she heard a cry of a leper in the neighbourhood, Elizabeth hurried to help, carrying a large basket of foodstuff. On the way, she accidently met her husband. In her embarrassment, she threw part of her skirt over the basket to hide what she was carrying. Ludwig became curious and wanted to know what she was hiding. Elizabeth could do nothing but reveal the contents of the basket she was carrying; instead of groceries she was actually carrying, the basket was filled with flower of all kinds, most of them roses!

Ludwig realized what had happened. The miracle moved him deeply and he gave Elizabeth full leave to carry out her countless charities. It is said that for several years, both in winter and summer, Roses grew above St. Elizabeth’s grave.

Works of charity are more beautiful than any flower. They please God and they please all Humans. Let us begin these acts of good works during this Holy Season of Christmas and continue all the 365 days of the New Year 2018. The spirit of Christmas is not for a day but it is for life. Our charitable works to the poor will sustain the spirit of Christmas as Jesus said “whatever you do to the least of my brothers or sisters, you did it to me”.

I wish each one of you a Happy Christmas and prosperous New year 2018.